Gabriella Cappiello. Creators of unique and beautiful handmade fabrics.

Gabriella Cappiello creates stunning hand made fabrics for luxury brands using traditional methods. We employ local craftspeople in an ethical and sustainable manufacturing process that respects the environment.

Luxurious fabrics for the most prestigious brands

We are a trusted manufacturer and wholesale supplier to some of the most prestigious fashion labels and our products are seen in many leading collections. We produce the highest quality cashmere, yak, camel, merino wool, silk and organic cotton products for the luxury brand market.


Integrity and sustainability in our supply chain

We maintain the traditional methods of hand spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing. Based in the stunning Nepalese landscape, our workshop employs local craftspeople who are part of our community. We have an ethical approach to both employment and materials, sourcing organic raw materials where we can. We operate high standards of environmental protection, ensuring that our production has minimal environmental impact.


Photo Credits: Sanjog Rai; 7weaves